Careers for Lead Management Assistant

Good day. This is Magesco Garden and Pool Services Careers page for Lead Management Assistant.

Follow the instructions carefully. Good Luck.


  1. Copy and Paste the exam below to MS Word. Use MS Word 2007 version.
  2. Use Calibri font with font size 11.
  3. Take note that you need edit the exam using the correct tabs, capital letters, numerical aspect, alignment, etc similar to the image provided below. Disregard the watermark logo.
  4. Answer the printed exam properly. You can directly type (or encircle) your answers to the questions provided.
  5. Your name, date and answers (for the blank space on test 2) should be bold and italics.
  6. Submit the exam via email with the subject: Application Exam for Lead Management Assistant – “Your Name”.
  7. Wait for our call if you pass the exam.
Magesco Garden and Pool Services Pre-employment exam.
Page 1
Magesco Garden and Pool Services Pre-employment exam.
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Exam proper: Copy and paste to MS Word.

Test 1: Multiple Choice. Encircle the best answer for the given questions:

1. Which number should come next? 144, 100, 152, 130, 156, ____?

A.  200

B. 143

C. 145

D. 208

2. What is the total overtime working hours rendered if the employee arrived at 7:00 AM with morning break of 10:00 AM to 10:10 AM; noon break of 12:00 noon to 1:00 PM and the afternoon break of 3:30 PM to 3:40 in which the time out of the employee was 7:35PM with standard 8-hour working time of 8AM to 5PM?

A. 3 hours

B. 1.5 hours

C. 2 hours

D. 2.5 hours

 3. Two projects needs cash funds. Project A needs 35% of the total allotted budget for the week while Project B needs 47%. How much will Project A and Project B have if the total budget allocated for the week is Php 35,500.00?

A. Project A = Php 12,425.00 and Project B = Php 23,075.00

B. Project A = Php 12,425.00 and Project B = Php 16,658.00

C. Project A = Php 18,842.00 and Project B = Php 18,842.00

D. Project A = Php 1,014.29 and Project B = Php 755.32

4. If you had only one match and entered a COLD and DARK room, where there was an oil heater, an oil lamp, and a candle, which would you light first?

A. Oil heater

B. Candle

C. Oil lamp

D. Match

 5. Take 3 cements from 5 cements. What do you have?

A. 2 cements

B. 3 cements

C. 5 cements

D. None

6. Which tool is best used to make holes?

A. Grinder

B. Hammer

C. Nail

D. Drill

7. What is the best solution for a person who is always late for work but is good at his craft?

A. Talk to him and ask him why is he always late?

B. Give him 3x verbal warning and then followed by a written warning regarding such behavior.

C. Treat him nicely and let him do his work like there is no problem as long as his craft is good.

D. Terminate him immediately so that the others will not follow.

8. The materials is as follows: 9pcs of 9mm steel bars 175 pesos per pc, 15pcs of 10mm steel bars 210 pesos per pc, 2.5 kg of common nails 50 pesos per kg, 20 bag of cement at 210 pesos per bag, and 1 pc meter costing 50 pesos but is free. What is the total materials cost to report?

A. 9,100 pesos

B. 9,200 pesos including fare

C. 9,000 pesos

D. 9,050 pesos

9. What tool is best used in cutting steel bars?

A. Grinder

B. Hacksaw

C. Drill

D. Jack hammer

10. You where hired as Lead Management Assistant and you saw that the best employee in terms of attendance and work is caught selling equipment of the company without authorization. What is the best solution for such behavior?

A. Talk to the employee and tell the employee to stop selling equipment and you will not tell the management about it.

B. Tell the employee to give you a share of the sales of the equipment sold.

C. Tell the management about the situation and recommend termination of the said employee.

D. Advise the management to take it gently in terms of punishment since the employee is very good at work and attendance and that such behavior is tolerable.

Test 2: Fill in the Blanks. Write down the answer on the space provided.

The contract price of the project is Php 1,785,500.00. Answer the following breakdown percentage for the down payment and progress billing based on the contract price:

  1. 30% of the contract price for the down payment is equivalent to Php ___________________.
  2. 20% of the contract price for the progress billing #1 is equivalent to Php ________________ .
  3. 15% of the contract price for the progress billing #2 is equivalent to Php ________________ .
  4. 25% of the contract price for the progress billing #3 is equivalent to Php ________________ .
  5. 10% of the contract price for the turn over is equivalent to Php ________________ .
  6. What is the total billed amount? Php ___________________ .
  7. If the total tax payment is 3% of the total billed amount, what will be its amount? Php _____________.
  8. If the client asked for retention of 8%, how much will it be? Php ___________________.
  9. How much is the 12% of the contract price? Php _______________________.
  10. If the client paid 50% of the contract price how much will it be? Php ________________.