Please be Advised

No longer connected

The following persons are NO LONGER CONNECTED to Magesco Garden and Pool Services.

Any transactions made through them will not be honored by Magesco Garden and Pool Services.

  1. Ms. Jela Sunshine Mananquil, no longer connected since January 15, 2021.

  1. Mrs. Rosemarie Ocampo, no longer connected since January 27, 2021.

Thank you.

For any inquiries or questions you may contact us through our mobile numbers and or email us at [email protected].

No Longer Connected

Cherry Hembra


Please be informed that Ms. Cherry Hembra is no longer connected to MAGESCO GARDEN and POOL SERVICES effective October 26, 2020. Any transaction made through her will no longer be honoured.

Hoping for your kind understanding and cooperation.

Magesco Sales Executives

We are proud to welcome our Sales Executives!

They are Jela, Cherry and Cam. They will be the one who will handle all your inquiries regarding our swimming pool and landscape services and products. Feel free to contact them for more details!

Contact Information Updates

Good day to all our clients and future clients.
Please be advised that our GLOBE contact numbers namely:

0927 318 29 66

0917 598 7596

and our landline number 046 512 3551

are no longer available due to some technical difficulties experienced with the said numbers.

Our current numbers are as follows:

0917 190 0825

0955 164 6200

and 0906 833 2705

Our new landline number will also be posted soon.
Many thanks for your continued support and trust.